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You will be asked to present this completed Patient Form at your first appointment. You are welcome to print it out now and complete it at your convenience. Otherwise you can wait and fill one out at the office.

Science-Based Nutrition Forms

Fee Schedule (subject to change)

Initial Orientation Visit


New or first-time visits may include:

  • Physical evaluation – functional
    physiology and structural/posture
  • Computerized Surface EMG
    (surface electromylography)
  • Computerized Infared Thermograph
  • Introduction to basic concepts of wholistic chiropractic care
  • Report of our findings
  • Computerized Bio-Meridian Stress Assesment
Computerized Bio-Meridian
Stress Assesment


Heart Rate Variability


Initial Visit – Children 17 & Under


Individual Adjustment Visits


  • Basic chiropractic visit without
    extended or advanced work
Individual Adjustment Visit for Children 17 Years and Younger


Extended Visit Charge*


  • Includes basic adjustment
  • Extended nutritional or advanced testing
  • Extended cranial technique work
  • Additional percussion work
  • NeuroEmotional work

* Extended visit charge may apply to a person who has not been in the office within the past 6 months and additional work is necessary to determine course of treatment on that particular visit, per discretion of the doctor.