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1. Our practice is a general chiropractic health care practice. We do not accept personal injury cases that have the potential of being litigated. Therefore, we…

  • Do not accept Worker’s Compensation cases.
  • Do not accept accident cases (vehicle or otherwise) that were caused by another person, business, or vehicle, or have the potential of being litigated.
  • Do not accept Medicaid.

2. X-rays are not made to determine when or where to adjust, as this is determined by neuro-muscular stress testing.
X-rays are needed to determine if any disease process, fracture, malformation, or spinal degeneration is present that would make spinal adjusting contraindicated.

3. Your acceptance as a patient is based on my findings relative to your symptoms and their relationship to your neuro-musculo-skeletal manifestations. The acceptance of your case does not promise a cure; however, it does indicate by my evaluation you have definite neuro-musculo-skeletal indicators that could have a relationship to your symptoms.

4. It is the policy of our office that you pay completely for services when they are rendered.

5. We endeavor to serve our patients to the best of our ability and professional training and we expect you, by becoming a patient to follow the doctor’s recommended treatment program. This is necessary to gain optimum benefit in your case.

If you have any questions concerning any of the policies above, please contact the front desk BEFORE continuing with your forms.