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Dr. LangasDr. Marc Langas has run a successful wholistic wellness practice since the late 1980’s. He has studied and employed the techniques and philosophies of some of the most prolific natural care healers and teachers of our time. This work is based in the fields of bioenergetics, applied kinesiology, cranial therapy, contact reflex analysis, spinal biomechanics, clinical nutrition and others.

Mankind has realized that there exists ways of “tapping into” an in-born communications system, a master design, that controls and directs the vast amount of energy and information that runs our bodies. Methods of analysis and treatment exist that provide for the identification and correction of abnormalities (root causes) in functional physiology that prevent optimal health and wellness.

Through these simple, safe, natural methods, we are able to quickly and accurately allow the body to “put on display” its triad of structural, chemical and emotional needs. Based on the findings, highly specific and effective natural, non-invasive treatment protocols can then be applied in order to correct the cause of the problem.

It has been said that Dr. Langas’ down-to-earth teach style is not only enlightening and entertaining, but practical and, at times, quite amusing. He is happily married, has four teenage children and is currently in private practice in Tyler, Texas.